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Sashipa-Melba Development site

Here is the web site for developing the Sashipa-Melba technology. If you would like to know about the Sashipa-Melba technology, or to use it, or to download a stable version, please go to the User Web site.


 We need developers !

You think that this project is very usefull. You have already done an application with the Sashipa-Melba technology. You need additional functions... If you are an experimented Java developer, join the development team !

If you write a documentation on How to deploy a Sashipa-Melba application, or on another topic, please put it under the GNU FDL license and we will be able to reference it in the User Web site.


 Sub-project presentations

Just for vocabulary: Sashipa-Melba has two kind of users: developers who use the technology to create applications are called dev-users. The created application users are called end-users.

Sub-project presentations contain solution propositions. Theses propositions can be discussed, of course. I will create mailing list when we will be several ;o) Meanwhile, send me an email.