Project for storing binary data

Purpose     Allow generated applications to store binary data, like pictures or sound.
Estimated time     A lot
Melba classes to understand    
(estimated number)    
server-side: 10 classes
transfert: 25 classes
client-side: 50 classes
Technologies to use     Java: Servlets, Jdbc, Swing, Thread - Other: SQL


 Proposed solution


End-user will be able to store binary file into his database. Two sorts of storage will be available:

As prefer the dev-user.

This storage implementation should be transparent for end-user. He will select a file, that will be upload (or just the path of the file) to the database. The file content will be display in an appropriate field. In this project, a field for pictures (and perhap's a field for sound) will be done.

Problems when transfering data from servlet to client

Downloading binary data can be slow. So, we need to download it from one (or more) dedicate thread(s). End-user will be allowed to not wait for complete downloading. So we have to manage breaks of downloading.


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Tasks for this sub-project are available at the [Melba] Store binary data sub-project.