Project for developing profil management

Purpose     Managing user profils. First with logins + passwords and access rights different for each tables. The system must be open for adding easily new profil information.
Estimated time     A lot
Melba classes to understand    
(estimated number)    
server-side: 5 classes
transfert: 25 classes
client-side: 10 classes
Technologies to use     Java: JAXP, Servlets, Jdbc - Other: XML, SQL


 Proposed solution


The profil information for a user will be stored in a XML element. All XML elements will be stored:

As prefer the dev-user.

The XML element: userProfil

It will be like this:

    <groupSet><groupRef group='default' /></groupSet>
      <tableAccess rights='sudi'>Profession;</tableAccess>

Here we have a user 'chocolat' with password '70%', who is a member of the group 'default'. He has specific access rights on the table 'Profession' for Select, Update, Delete, Insert. Note that the XML document isn't complete: an element 'group' has to be defined.

The SQL reserved table for storing user profil elements

It will be created by a script like this:

    user_profil_id integer not null primary key,
    login varchar(255) not null unique,
    xml_element clob

So, when a profil is researched from a login, the XML element <userProfil> is found with a simple query (example with the user 'chocolat'):

  select xml_element from USER_PROFIL where login='chocolat'


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Tasks for this sub-project are available at the [Melba] profil sub-project.