Join the Sashipa-Melba team !

Three qualities

You aren't afraid by writing and reading english. You are autonomous. You are an experienced Java programmer.

If you have all of theses qualities, you can join us.

The Sashipa-Melba programming rules

It's essential that everybody can work on the other programmers source code. So, the Sashipa-Melba programming rules are required. We can't accept a programmer who doesn't respect theses rules.

You can find the Sashipa-Melba programming rules here.

The test

There is a test to do for joining the Sashipa-Melba team. It has two purposes: first, to verify that you really have a sufficient level in Java programming. Second aim: to make yours the Sashipa-Melba programming rules.

The steps:

Are you ready to make the test ? Send me an email ( then I'll give you the subject.

Note that you can join the Sashipa-Melba team without making the test : you can download Java sources, add your modifications, and then propose your work to me. If modifications are ok, I will add you in the project team.