Project for creating a PHP source code from Sashipa

Purpose     To allow dev-user to generate a PHP application from a Sashipa file. So the generated application will be able to be a Java application or a PHP application.
Estimated time     A lot
Technologies to use     PHP, Java or other ? Other: SQL


 Proposed solution


When a dev-user has developped a Sashipa application, he has the only choice to generate a Java application. He will have the other choice to generate a PHP application.

The project is:

Perhap's the easier solution is to develop Sashipa2Php in Java in using Sashipa2Melba as a template (in Java). But each other solutions can be suggested. I'm waiting for suggestions.

I think the PHP library should be small. It's not like the Java solution : Sashipa2Melba is small and Melba (the Java library) is big. But the generated Java code is impossible to change (too complex). Here the purpose it to generate a PHP code easy-to-understand by the dev-user.


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